Rua das Queimadas, n.º6, Sernada, 3505-330 Santos Evos, Viseu


With over 20 years of tradition and experience, we develop customised solutions for each client in:
• Design/project;
• Software;
• Switchboards and management boards;
• Supervisors and controllers;
• Poultry equipment;
• Poultry houses.

We have one of the most advanced cross ventilation systems as result of, research, development and investigation of our skilled team, without forgetting the synergy exchanged with our customers over the time. The system performance and robustness is improved with the help of high quality equipment in fiberglass, stainless steel, aluminum and polyurethane insulation.

Tecsisel system acts in real time based on inside and outside environment conditions, adjusting all the equipment control to have the better possible conditions for rearing chickens. in order to achieve an increase production efficiency and improve profitability.

This system also includes automatic emergency actions in case of equipment failure, as well as the most advanced, robust and reliable alarm system on the market.