Rua das Queimadas, n.º6, Sernada, 3505-330 Santos Evos, Viseu


We are a Portuguese company founded in 2001 and we are located in Viseu.
We specialized in automation, developing systems in the areas of industrial automation, poultry farming, process control and home automation.
We have made a name for ourselves in the poultry industry from an early stage, through the innovation of our equipment and services, based on a specialised workforce designed to study, design and implement solitions for programming and automation of systems.
To complement our activity, to safeguard the Client’s position and to be aware of their reality, there was a need to be closer to the poultry activity, especially in situations that required greater control. So we went further and became the owner of an poultry house where all the tests were carried out in order to continuously improve the control systems, for Customer satisfaction and for a better and healthier poultry environment, conducive to good bird development.
As well as being producers of integrated systems for the control of poultry houses, we are also producers of equipment for poultry houses, pig houses and greenhouses, as well as for all types of farms and industrial buildings.


The creation of customised software supported by an electrical panel through which the Client can control the whole environment inside the poultry house (heating, ventilation, air intake, humidity, cooling, interior and exterior lighting, feeding, water consumption, medication dosing, power generator, alarms alert via SMS and the recipients for each alarm, knowlefge of the number of live and dead animals in each flock) among other previously agreed requirements.
All of this with Tecsisel equipment or with the best equipment available on the world market.

The patenting of the innovative lateral cooling system with air control chamber, studied to be compatible with Tecsisel equipment (Patent No. 10516 / International Classification No. F24F 13/00 2006.01), as result of our innovation capacity.

Certification, in March 2011, by ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems, in the scope of “Design, Development and Supply of Automation and Home Automation Systems”, as a proof of our internal and external quality.

The development of a bulding for tests that will certainly make us pioneers in control and automation.