Rua das Queimadas, n.º6, Sernada, 3505-330 Santos Evos, Viseu


Have control of your home at your fingertips…
We have developed an innovative concept to control and programme your home in an intelligent, practical and effective way, for greater comfort, security and convenience.
Tecsisel home automation allows you to individually control the temperature, lighting, ambient sound and blinds in each room of your home. It also allows you to intelligently manage for less consumption and better performance the heating boiler, air conditioning, water, irrigation system, swimming pool, television or any other electrical appliance.
Allows you, remotely using your mobile phone, in all comfort, to modify parameters, activate or deactivate any functionality, open a door, switch on a light, modify temperatures, detect anomalies (break-in, gas leak, power failure, etc.)
However, all installed systems also function manually. The visualisation and modification of all data concerning the various rooms of the house can be done via a user-friendly toushscreen panel.